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Legionella maintenance

Whatever choice is made in legionella prevention, taking care of drinking water installation and water treatment system will be needed. You shall develop maintenance programs to prevent the growth of legionella for equipment and facilities that use and store water.

Drinking water installation

Following items/equipment need to be included in the maintenance program:

  • Potable Water systems
    Incoming water main; water softener; holding tanks/cisterns and water heater tanks (at the inflows and outflows)
  • Potable Water Outlets
    Faucets or taps; and showers
  • Cooling tower, Evaporative Condenser
    Makeup water; basin; sump; and heat sources and chillers
  • Humidifiers/Nebulizers
    Bubblers for oxygen; and water used for respiratory therapy equipment
  • Other sources
    Decorative fountains, waterfalls, and water features; irrigation equipment; fire sprinkler system (after use); emergency eyewash and showers; swimming pool; and whirlpools and spas

Legionella prevention system

Legionella prevention system will included it own maintanace schedule. Each legionella prevention method has, other than standard maintenance issue’s, is own critical part.

  • Temperature
    Logging temperatures is the hot and cold water installation is mandatory
  • Ionization
    Online monitoring of the ionization process makes it possible to control a safe operating system. This includes the correct alam communication
  • Chlorionation and Chlorine Dioxide
    Over/under dosing needs to be controlled and prevented. States of the biocide reserves in the tanks needs to controlled and alarmed as well
  • Ultraviolet Light (UV) and Ozone
    Light intensity is crucial usung UV disinfection, so need to be maintained. Ozone is very unhealthy when inhaled and maintaning/controlling the room where the Ozone system is installes is mandatory
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