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General Legionella regulations

Law & Regulations

The owners, principal managers or person in charge of the premises should comply with their legal duties. Facilities that need to comply with the law and regulations are hotels, furnished apartments, commercial building, government building, theme park and labor accommodation. Hospitals, medical care and special care facilities need to give extra attention to there legionella prevention program. Each Emirate has its own specific regulations and guideline, but purpose is the same within the UAE: Minimize the risk of exposure to Legionella through safe operating, proper maintenance and scheduled monitoring of the building water systems.

Regular maintenance procedures should act on

  • All water taps, showers, water outlet should be used as designed
  • Keep the water systems clean to reduce the nutrients available for bacteria growth
  • Control the installed water treatment system


Water quality must be analysed and the test results must be available for inspection. Sampling and analyses must be carried out to proof the presence of bacteria, both:

  • General (aerobic) bacterial species
  • Legionella bacteria
  • Special analyses, depending on water treatment installed, can be mandatory

Records and manuals

At a minimum, the following information shall be documented:

  • procedure(s) on how to prevent Legionnaires’ Disease Bacteria
  • maintenance and disinfection schedule
  • water treatment logbook
  • employee training records
  • records related to confirmed cases of Legionnaires’ Disease or positive sampling results
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