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Abu Dhabi Code of Practice: Prevention and control of legionnaires disease

This Code of Practice (CoP) applies to all duty holders within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. This CoP is designed to incorporate requirements set by UAE and Abu Dhabi regulatory authorities. If requirements of this document conflict with requirements set by another regulatory authority, employers are required to follow the more stringent requirement.

The requirements set out within this CoP are intended to specify the general requirements for prevention and control of legionnaire’s disease. Specific technical requirements aligned to this CoP are referenced within.

The duty holder / employer shall ensure that all the relevant legal requirements for the operation/premise have been identified and adhered to in line with the requirements set out within this CoP.

The following CoP applies to all duty holders and places of business within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi that have equipment that uses, stores, or disseminates warm water. Thisincludes, but is not limited to, swimming pools, hot tubs, heated spas, cooling towers, hot water tanks, large air conditioning systems, water treatment facilities, metalworking systems that use water, equipment for manufacture of plastic parts using injection molding, emergency water systems (to include safety showers, eye wash stations, and fire sprinkler systems), artificial fountains/waterfalls, water features, and other similar equipment that use and/or stores large amounts of water.

Single family, residential buildings are not subject to the requirements of this CoP. Multi- tenanted residential buildings are considered commercial establishments and the building management / facility management company shall be considered the duty holder and follow the requirements set forth in this CoP as if they were the building owner.

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