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Legionella regulations Dubai

Objectives of guidelines

Dubai Municipality, as part of it’s mandate, is striving to attain the highest level of health 8. safety conditions within the public establishments to achieve it’s goals in protecting and promoting public health through disease control preventive measures. These guidelines are intended to minimize the risk of exposure to Legionella through safe operating, proper maintenance and scheduled monitoring of building water systems in all public establishments, such as hotels, furnished apartments, shopping malls educational facilities government building where cooling water system, hot and cold water and all types of water feature are used. This guidance is issued by Dubai Municipality to serve as a tool to enable concerned establishments to comply with relevant local regulations.

(Hospitals, medical care, special care facilities. must adhere to requirements relevant and more specific to their activities and building)

Scope of application

These guidelines are applicable to waters used in hotels, furnished apartments, commercial building, government building, theme park and labor accommodation.

Every vio_kator to this guideline shall be held legally accountable according to local order No. (11) for the year 2003 concerning the public health and community safety.

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